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A product photographer by day, by weekend Wedding, Family & Maternity, and by night an event planner and location scout. My journey is simple. Since leaving university I got a full time, employed role as a product photographer. This allows me to work on my studio skills daily and work with other knowledgable photographers allowing us all to bounce ideas off each other and keep the creativity flowing.
So when do I work on your projects? Easy! 7 days a week. Weekday evenings and weekends. #workaholic

I studied photography for 3 years and have been practicing it for 3 years now professionally. 

I am a specialist portrait photography business. I am knowledgeable, zealous, unique and adaptable for all occasions and requests and seek to provide the best possible service and outcomes for all my clients. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future! Feel free to make any enquiries - I am more than happy to help!

I work in both the studio and on location and can provide an array of options for you and your photographic needs, including destinations further a field.

When discussing your request I will find out as much information as possible about what sort of images it is you want in order to be able to produce exactly what it is you're looking for. I will also get to know you so that once the photoshoot is underway you feel comfortable, confident and at ease.

I am based in the small Cotswold town of Cam, Dursley. However, I also cover Gloucestershire & the Southwest.