Aura's rescue centre concentrate on rehoming dogs that come from both the UK and Romania.

About Aura's Dogs UK

Aura's Dogs UK are based in Gloucestershire. Their charity started after a few trips to Romania where they quickly realised the devastation surrounding dogs in the country. After deciding they couldn't sit back and watch any longer they felt they must assist in the rescue efforts.

Aura, who lived in Romania homed and ran a small shelter where she got as many dogs as she could off of the streets and out of public shelters. She showed the team at Aura's Dogs the dire state of public shelters, witnessing neglect, abuse, and misinformation of the suffering dogs.

Knowing that the dog's she rescued had great potential to be trained and re-homed she did her best to adopt as many of the dog's as she could.

After their visit to Romania they decided to bring a couple dog's back with them to see if they could adjust to life in the UK. Slowly but surely, they came out of their shells! Since then, Aura's Dog's have made it their mission to try and empty all public shelters in Romania and to find all the dogs that may be lost, hiding or tucked away. In addition to this they also rescue the dogs that may not be the most popular breed or colour so also end of rescuing puppies as well to give them the best start in life possible.

Starting off with just 2 people, Aura's Dogs UK has now grown into a registered charity and organisation where they have helped to re-home hundred's of dogs finding their forever homes.

Dog's for Adoption


Ex- Racing Greyhound. Graham joined Aura's dogs after retiring from the tracks earlier this year.

"Graham is a gentle boy, who loves food, loves carrying around his favourite burger toy, or his water bowl, or a wellington boot, or well, pretty much anything at all really! He is such a character."

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Coming from the pound Taylor is an affectionate boy who is happy and bouncy!

"Taylor looks and acts like an English Bull terrier mix, he is head strong, active, stubborn, funny and infectiously happy!"

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Through no fault of her own, Lettie is a partially trained security dog who just didn't make the cut and was destined to be put down.

"Lettie is a beautiful, intelligent, and nicely trained girl from what we can see so far! She knows commands in both German and English."

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Finley is a lab x greyhound who found himself along with his sister at Aura's Dog's. Sadly, due to Finley's aversions to dog's running up to his face his sister has been adopted and he is still looking for his forever home.

"Finley is a gorgeous affectionate boy, he adores all people, and is so nice to walk on the lead, he is such a sweet lad and just needs someone to understand his nerves."

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