Here are a few trends that I expect to take 2023 by storm. Each year couples are dedicating more money to their budget for photography. Why is this? Photographing your wedding day is becoming exceedingly important to individuals. 'You only get married once' therefore you want to be able to look back and remember every little detail. From personal experience, it's true what they say the day really does go by in a flash.

With that said, lets dive into some of the up and coming photographic trends of 2023.

Candid Moments

The days of the overly posed wedding photo may be behind us. I have noted that those in-between images from the day, where natural joy and emotion shine through, are many of my clients favourites. I’m thrilled to see clients letting go of overly staged Pinterest moments and embracing candid, imperfect, authentic imagery that really captures the spirit of their day. 

Film Photography & Video

While digital photography remains a staple for most wedding photographers, they share that requests for film have been on the rise. This trend is translating over to wedding videography, as well. Grainy cinematography and even Super 8 mm film will been seen at more weddings ahead. The unfiltered storytelling reminds me why I fell in love with producing weddings. It’s raw. 


Couples looking to get a broader look at their wedding design might be intrigued by the trend to use of drones to capture photos of their nuptials. From overhead shots of their reception décor to pulled back views of the ceremony from above, this method definitely can bring more gravitas to an image. It's one trend will grow in 2023. It gives such a grand and different perspective of an event or moment. 

Elevated Photo Sets

More couples are looking to elevate the experience with beautiful drapery and décor to enhance and elevate the experience. I expect to see more "interactive 'set' photo booths that guests can enjoy and get more editorial style photos in the coming year.